Are you ready to become an entrepreneur?

A.C.E.S for Leaders: Educator Entrepreneurship Jumpstart can help you unlock your potential!

Are you tired of dreaming about being in business for yourself and not knowing where to begin?

🎯 Do you want to know how you can get started in entrepreneurship?

🎯 Are you looking for a way to add to your post-education career nest egg?

🎯 Do you want or NEED to supplement your educator salary?

🎯 Are you a multi-passionate educator who wants to use your expertise to serve on a wider scale?

🎯 Are you tired of teaching at multiple institutions to make ends meet?

🎯 Have you been passed over for a permanent position or promotion?

Do what other educator-entrepreneurs are doing … activate your A.C.E.S.™ in the A.C.E.S. for Leaders: Educator Entrepreneurship Jumpstart Course 

Access industry-proven strategies that, if implemented effectively, are virtually guaranteed to make your business attract leads and increase your profits.

Why is A.C.E.S. for Leaders Right for You?

A.C.E.S. for leaders can help you prepare to change your life!

Are you an educator who wants to master your skills and plan for the future?

If yes, this course is perfect for you!

In this self-paced online course, we will teach you how to:

✅ create a mission statement that meets your desires and non-monetary goals;

✅ set annual revenue goals based on industry standards and trends;

✅ conduct a SWOT analysis to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats;

✅ create a strategic activity plan to ensure the success of your mission and develop a resource inventory plan for use in cost-benefit analyses and decision-making;

✅ automate your business systems for maximum efficiency, and

✅ strategically evaluate your progress to ensure you are on track to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

Using The A.C.E.S. Framework™️, this course will provide real-world examples and tools that you can use to gain the knowledge and resources that will help you master your skills and plan for the future.

Join us now and gain the confidence needed for success!

The A.C.E.S. Framework™

Achievement Driven – What do I want out of this?

Capacity Informed – What are my capabilities and resources?

Enthusiasm Oriented – How can I stay motivated?

Skill Building – How can I work on improving myself?

These are the fundamental principles that make up The A.C.E.S. Framework™.

A.C.E.S. for Leaders can help you prepare to change your life!

👏 Do you want to decrease the stress and overwhelm when clarifying your entrepreneurial skills?

👏 Are you seeking a more fulfilled creative outlet?

👏 Do you believe you have more to offer the world?

👏 Can you help your audience be better versions of themselves?

If you answered yes, THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!


Your Clarity Can Help Create A Better Tomorrow

👌 Entrepreneurs and business leaders pursuing their dreams have been linked to achieving higher self-esteem, happiness, and overall well-being.

👌 Taking steps toward achieving your passion can be intimidating, but with preparation, you can learn everything you need to succeed.

👌 Adopting business practices in your daily routines will prepare you to pursue your dreams and find personal fulfillment.

A.C.E.S. for Leaders helps you craft the perfect foundation to start your journey toward achieving your goals.

It is never too late to pursue your passions and follow your dreams – start today!

Master Your Marketable Skills

This module provides a comprehensive foundation for understanding your skills and how to market them most effectively. It will teach you to identify and articulate your transferable skills appealingly, making them attractive to your audience. You will also understand how to present yourself during interviews or prospecting calls effectively.

Creating Your
Strategic Activity Plan

This module is designed to help people develop and implement their strategic activity plans. It covers the fundamentals of strategy development, including setting goals, defining objectives, and selecting tactics. Attendees learn how to create an action plan that includes details such as assigning roles and responsibilities; monitoring progress, assessing performance, and measuring success. The course also provides a framework for evaluating potential risks associated with each step of the activity plan. After completing this module, students will possess the necessary skills to execute their strategic objectives while remaining within budget and timeline constraints.

Set Your Annual Revenue Goals

This module teaches participants how to create tangible, achievable annual revenue goals. It will provide a comprehensive overview of goal-setting strategies that can be applied in any organization. The module will cover topics such as market research and analysis, setting realistic targets based on data from the industry or your business's past performance, and how to track progress over time. Furthermore, attendees will gain insight into ways to stay motivated and work towards their goals even when faced with obstacles or uncertainty. This course is ideal for individuals who want to maximize their potential for success by setting measurable objectives for achieving financial stability and growth year after year.

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Success Begins with Preparation and a Strategic Plan

A.C.E.S. for Leaders: Educator Entrepreneurship Jumpstart prepares you to be a successful entrepreneur!

A.C.E.S. for Leaders teaches strategies and principles to help you:

🙌 communicate and collaborate with others,

🙌 motivate, inspire, and build trust within your team.,

🙌 cultivate decision-making abilities,

🙌 define your clear vision for your business and effectively communicate it to your team,

🙌 become organized, highly efficient, and develop the ability to delegate tasks appropriately,

🙌 be proactive problem-solvers who take initiative in finding solutions when problems arise,

🙌 understand the importance of recognizing both individual and collective accomplishments, and

🙌 understand the value of ongoing learning and personal development.